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I Like You A Lot is the launch collection for Daisy King. We’ve created a surreal love story based in London, loosely inspired by the Garden of Eden and Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights. The story is told in our main ‘Garden’ print, which depicts a boy and a girl meeting in a park and falling for each other. As they become entranced with each other, the park transforms around them into a psychedelic paradise full of tropical plants and bizarre animals; however, the telltale imagery of the grimey inner-city park is still present with chip boxes, cigarette buts and mangy pigeons scattered about. Only now, these have taken on an otherworldly context; the swans are smoking and wearing eyeshadow, the pigeons are crying a lament to their mangled feet, the cigarette butts have multiplied and distributed themselves into a pretty pattern, this juxtaposition of strange tropical paradise and gritty London exemplifies the Daisy King, ‘ugly fancy’ ethos.

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Daisy King is a London based brand created by Daisy Bryson & Tom King.