The Iced Vovo is a biscuit dream, and thoroughly missed from London supermarkets. Which is why when in a little Tesco’s near Brixton discovering a package called Jam Mallows I got seriously excited by their resemblance to the aussie treat.


False alarm, since they really don’t taste anything alike and when a biscuit lacks crunch factor it aint right, however their mouth like resemblance inspired me to embrace the face and show off some sunnies to wear this summer.


Keep it sweet with this pair by Pared, the two toned nude frames are light on the face and the round lenses are a modern nod to the Lennon trend.


These cat-eye frames from Beyond Retro manage to seamlessly merge old fashioned and futuristic, keeping up with the 70's icons for a distinct Bowie vibe. 


Bailey Nelson do these great clip on sunglasses, (something Tom believes he manifested out of necessity seeing as they are created especially for the glasses he already owned). Practical and palatable. DB 

Pendulum; Crystal Castle, Ear Cuff; Sowat, Sunglasses; Pared, Earring; Tiffany & Co 


Sunglasses; Beyond Retro, Lipstick; Dior, Bracelets; Tiffany & Co


Glasses; Bailey Nelson, Clip-On Sunglasses; Bailey Nelson, Watch; Nixon, Watch; Marc by Marc Jacobs